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Monday, 19 November 2012

New semester babe!here i go=)

Assalammualaikum..in d name of ALLAH..most merciful n most compasionate..

hyep semua...how life's?sihat tak...alhamdulilah if sihat....urm act ramai yg tak berapa sihat sangat ni  kan. since masuk new sem, sy tgk ramai juga student yg pergi pku..haaa..camne pulak sy tahu kan..tadi sy temankan bff sy pergi pku..dia tak berapa sihat sangat..kesian dia,..get well soon kakak=)..btw,back to our title..yeah...dah sem 5 dah..mean final year lah lebih kurang tuuu...hee..how exited!

sy tak sangka dah final year..masa berlalu begitu pantas hingga sy tak perasaan pun..dunia oh dunia..New sem,new perspective,new mission and vission...alhamdulilah... so far hidup dapat diteruskan even macam-macam dugaan. but alhamdulilah, i got d experience and take d lesson from all d mistake. frankly i said, that i'm really give up. but ALLAH always by my side. i'm strong enough and insyaallah i'll go through all diz pain.. =) subject sem 5 a quite interestin  plus tough too..heee..sem 5 cuba untuk yg terbaik kan. at least , we put d high effort, insyaallah everythin gonna b fine.btw,just wanna wish luck to all engineerin student especially elect...try ur best ok..

study like a war..many obstacles that u must overcome..FIGHTIN for it until finish and u'll win..insyaallah..trust in ALLAH plan..

ok lah..itu saja nak mention untuk sem 5 ni..if ada pape interestin story,i'll update later yarh..take care allz..salam..

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