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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Happy 21st Princess and Silver Medal

Assalammualaikum. In the name of ALLAH. Most merciful and most compassionate.

Hye awak, awak dan awak. Apa khabar? Hope semuanya sihat ye. Selamat memasuki bulan rejab. May ALLAH bless us, in shaa ALLAH. Dah lama tak update. Rindu. Haha.

***PART 1***

 Since masuk degree, busy dengan assignment, test, project competition dan lain-lain. Hehe. So back to our title ok.

Alhamdulilah, i'm officially turn 21st on 16 march. Urmmm. 21st birthday to princess. Running out of time. So, dah more dewasa and be more matured. Thanks ALLAH gave me a chance for still breathing, still alive like usually. Alhamdulilah='). Thanks ma and pa for everything. Both of u take care of me from baby until now. A lot of sacrifice. I'm really appreciate it. Thanks everyone for wish my birthday in advance or late and thanks for the birthday gift too. Hehe. Never mind. As long as just pray for my happiness and my success. I love all of u=)

21st wishlist :
*Be strong princess and is shaa ALLAH be a good, solehah women.
*More matured
*Like usually focus on the mission
*Berjaya dunia dan akhirat

***PART 2***

23 Mac hari itu, sy dan teammate shahir serta lain-lain telah pergi ke JITRA KEDAH untuk NATIONAL INNOVATION AND INVENTION COMPETITION THROUGH EXHIBITION 2014. Kami punya project adalah TSH generator. Ini adalah FYP masa diploma then kami bawa untuk peringkat kebangsaan. Alhamdulilah, kami mendapat silver medal. Even tak achieve gold medal, takpela maybe bukan rezeki. Silver medal it's my precious gift for my birthday. Alhamdulilah. UTHM got 4 gold and 3 silver. Congrat's! Thanks ALLAH, Thanks ma, pa, family, Thanks my teammate shahir and Hassan even Hassan is not around here, Thanks my sv En Mohamad, Thanks all my lect, Thanks to all of u who's support and pray for our success there. really appreciate it=).

Ok la. Update later. Take care everyone. Btw, wish us luck for 3rd competition in Utem Melaka. International competition. May Allah ease. In shaa ALLAH. Stay strong princess! Assalammualaikum;)

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